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Inspired Designs & Expert Craftsmanship

The uniform design and procurement process has challenged leading companies. JWE gives control back to clients by providing impactful styling, functionality, fit, and price value.

What Makes Us Unique


JWE’s wholly owned manufacturing provides unique and elevated apparel solutions. Our integrated system offers speed to market, consistent quality, flexibility & adaptability.

Our design and retail manufacturing roots provided us the building blocks to develop The JWE Solution. An empowering process meant to enhance brand equity, meet financial objectives and ensure corporate social responsibility.

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Bespoke Collaboration

JWE’s close alliance with clients facilitates great design and brand activation. JWE adopts client values and sensibilities, customizing wardrobes that blend seamlessly into the client’s overall identity. The end result is a collection of personal choices.



JWE’s diverse clients have one thing in common: the fundamental understanding that apparel doesn’t have a neutral impact. All designs are built to incorporate functional styling, innovative fabrics, and trends that connote modernity and on-brand spirit.